October 2, 2007

Episode 2

Posted in News at 10:59 pm by Dave B.

Andy Sheppard

The official Episode 2 (<- click here to stream the episode) is here!  Included is a full-length interview with acoustic fingerstylist Andy Sheppard, giveaway winners announcement, track intros and brief interviews with Greg Gilbertson and Ethan Meixsell, and nine new songs are played.  

– Dave B.

Tracklisting : 

Alessandro Benvenuti – Hot Room

Marc Norgaard – Papaya Dream

Conrad Simon – Summertime

Andy Sheppard – Dragonfly Helicopter

An Interview with Andy Sheppard 

Andy Sheppard – Ways and Means 

Track Intro with Greg Gilbertson 

Greg Gilbertson – Rite of Passage

Track Intros with Ethan Meixsell 

Ethan Meixsell – Weapons of Mass Distraction

Ethan Meixsell – Lydia 

Doug Stapp – You’re So Yesterday


Andy Sheppard on YouTube

Greg Gilbertson on YouTube

Tobias Hurwitz’s Zen Shred Zone

The Book of Six Strings: The Six-Fold Path of Zen Guitar

Liquid Note Records’ The Alchemists Vol. II


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