October 2, 2007

Episode 2

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Andy Sheppard

The official Episode 2 (<- click here to stream the episode) is here!  Included is a full-length interview with acoustic fingerstylist Andy Sheppard, giveaway winners announcement, track intros and brief interviews with Greg Gilbertson and Ethan Meixsell, and nine new songs are played.  

– Dave B.

Tracklisting : 

Alessandro Benvenuti – Hot Room

Marc Norgaard – Papaya Dream

Conrad Simon – Summertime

Andy Sheppard – Dragonfly Helicopter

An Interview with Andy Sheppard 

Andy Sheppard – Ways and Means 

Track Intro with Greg Gilbertson 

Greg Gilbertson – Rite of Passage

Track Intros with Ethan Meixsell 

Ethan Meixsell – Weapons of Mass Distraction

Ethan Meixsell – Lydia 

Doug Stapp – You’re So Yesterday


Andy Sheppard on YouTube

Greg Gilbertson on YouTube

Tobias Hurwitz’s Zen Shred Zone

The Book of Six Strings: The Six-Fold Path of Zen Guitar

Liquid Note Records’ The Alchemists Vol. II

August 24, 2007

Episode 1

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Rhett Butler

The official Episode 1 (<- click here to stream the episode) has finally arrived!  Included is a full-length interview with virtuoso fingerstylist / two-handed tapping extraordinaire Rhett Butler, prize giveaway announcements, and eight new songs are played. 

— Dave B.


Ken Rubenstein

Rob Balducci

Brian Gore

Rhett Butler

Jason Macedo

Marc Norgaard

Don Maloney

Tracklisting :

Blame it on the Weather – Rhett Butler

Of the Earth – Rob Balducci

I Dance in Rose Swirls – Ken Rubenstein

Loom of Desire – Brian Gore

An Interview with Rhett Butler

The Kid from Kilkenny – Rhett Butler

Oseetah Saranac – Jason Macedo

Eight Rivers – Don Maloney

Yuwadee Sang with Love and Joy – Ken Rubenstein

June 27, 2007

Episode 0

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The pilot / test episode is hereClick here to stream the episode, or right-click and “save target as”.  Click on the comment button to view the show notes.

June 26, 2007


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Hey guys, Dave here, welcoming you to the new website for my upcoming “InstruMental Case” podcast.  At the moment there are no episodes, but the debut is in the works.  My intention is to have it play out much like a radio show, in that initially it’ll just be me introducing and playing songs to help expose and promote new instrumental guitarists.  Eventually I’d like to bring some audio interviews into the show, and maybe even find a co-host and turn it into a full-fledged podcast talk show.